* Candidates should have passed the subject of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English individually in 10+2.

* The aggregate for PCB should not be less than 35%.

* Age should not be less than 17 yrs as on 31st December of year of admission. Further conditions as notified by Punjab Government from time to time shall apply.



Admissions are based upon merit list of candidates opting for the course after 10+2. There is no entrance exam. Admissions open in the month of April / May every year.



Four and a half years (including 6 months internship).


Number Of Seats

No. Of Seats: 40


Course Contents

BPT 1st Year

1st year subjects give the basic knowledge about the structure and functioning of human body. These include:

* Anatomy
* Physiology
* Exercise Therapy - 1
* Electrotherapy - 1
* Biochemistry
* English
* Computers

BPT 2nd Year

This year subjects make the students acquainted to the abnormal functioning and mechanism of action of the human body. Knowledge about basics drugs and principals of physiotherapy is imparted. Subjects include:

* Microbiology and Pathology
* Pharmacology
* Biomechanics
* Exercise Therapy - 2
* Electrotherapy - 2
* Psychology
* Sociology

BPT 3rd Year

Students are taught the physiotherapy treatment of various medical and orthopaedic conditions including knowledge about medicine & orthopaedics. The subjects include the following:

* Orthopaedics
* Medicine
* Physiotherapy in Orthopaedic Conditions
* Physiotherapy in Medical Conditions - 1
* Statistics and Research Methodology

BPT 4th Year

This year enhances the students’ skills about various medical and surgical conditions. Advanced knowledge regarding surgery, paediatrics, & neurology is imparted along with computer application. Final year subjects are:

* General Surgery
* Paediatrics & Geriatrics
* Rehabilitation, Organisation and Administration
* Physiotherapy in Medical Conditions - 2
* Physiotherapy in Surgical Conditions
* Neurology
* Computer applications


In this period of 6 months is of exclusive training for patient assessment, diagnosis and appropriate treatment based on evidence based practice and latest treatment techniques. The students are posted in different departments such as Orthopaedics, Neurology and Occupational Therapy for in depth knowledge. In addition the students are exposed to IPDs and ICUs of various hospitals in scheduled outside clinical postings.



This is an awakening towards the magic of physiotherapy in gaining momentum both in general, public and medical fraternity. A graduate in physiotherapy can go for his /her own clinic or can be gainfully employed in hospitals, nursing homes, sports, yoga, fitness centres, research centres etc.

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